Snowfall in June!

A brand new Moda Mini Charm has arrived at Love Stitching!

(and I simply couldn’t resist….)


At the end of last week, I welcomed these stunning ‘Snowfall’ Mini Charm packs into the shop and got a wee chance to set the machine up in the shop.

It took me no time at all to piece together what will be a gorgeous Christmas table runner!

Now that the 42 Mini Charm squares have (almost) been pieced in 14 rows of 3, all that needs to be done is a wee bit of quilting, the binding attached and, there you have it, one table decoration worthy of conversation and admiration is complete!

Of course, this super simple and super quick table runner can be made using any of our Mini Charms – just follow the link below for yet more choice and selection!

Click here for more Moda Mini Charms

TOP TIP: When you view our pre-cut goods online, hover the mouse over the images to reveal a second image containing the entire fabric selection. What a clever hubby!

Happy sewing!

Lynn x

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