OK, so maybe I should have followed the pattern after all…..!

Hello Everyone,

I trust you have all had a lovely Christmas and are managing to squeeze in some sewing time!

I’m delighted to say that I am still really enjoying sewing with the stunning William Morris Charm Pack even if things have gone ever so slightly “off plan”!


As the thought of having 336 quarter square triangles piled on my cutting board waiting to be stitched together was enough to bring me out in a cold sweat, I simply ignored the pattern’s instruction to cut 84 Charm Pack squares into 4 triangles.

Instead, I placed a patterned square and a ‘Grunge’ (plain) square face to face and stitched them together on all four sides using a quarter inch seam.


I then cut the squares into four triangles. Afterall, it would work out the same, wouldn’t it?


Errr, NO!

My improvising actually gave me HALF square triangles instead of the QUARTER square triangles which are used in the pattern.

As it is, this is a happy mistake in my opinion as my finished piece will not look as ‘busy’ as the piece in the pattern.


The question now is – which block do I make with my half square triangles?

Hummm…. Time to get the thinking cap (and kettle!) on!

‘Til next time,

Lynn x



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