The door has finally been unhinged!

Hello Everyone!

I trust you are all enjoying the fabulous sunshine which we have been having here recently!

As you will already know, the shop is currently CLOSED for our summer break although we have been busy working away behind the scenes and finding that there is always something to be done…..

Regular visitors to Love Stitching will know that our door can be just a little bit reluctant to open at times….

Well, yesterday evening the sun was shining and, as we didn’t have the ‘bad weather’ excuse, we decided it was time to ‘SORT OUT THE DOOR!’  Out came the plane, out came the electric drill and off came the door!

I am happy to report that our efforts seem to have been successful! We look forward to welcoming you all back when we re-open through our now-much-more-easy-to-open-door!

Full details of our holiday closure are available on our website

See you soon, thanks for reading,


Probably the most uninspiring photo you will ever see on a sewing blog!!20180705_184255[1]

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