Out of this world fabric!

An Easter break can only mean one thing in our household…. a trip to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum!!

This time the main attraction was, quite literally, out of this world as we got up close to Tim Peake’s space capsule!

As always, the folks at National Museums Northern Ireland (nmni.com) have put on an absolutely fabulous display and we found ourselves staying much longer than we had expected. A big ‘shout out’ must go to our amazing volunteer guide, Catherine, who took the girls ‘under her wing’ and made sure that there was NOTHING they didn’t know about all the mesmerising exhibits which were on display!

Unsurprisingly, my attention was immediately drawn to learning more about how a VERY large piece of fabric (pictured, left) made Tim’s return to earth possible.

I will not spoil it for any one who has yet to visit but lets just say that being able to use a sewing machine, whether it’s making quilts or parachutes, is a very valuable skill to have indeed!

The space craft is on display in the Folk Museum until May 12th, admission is FREE and I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit!

While it may seem as if this blog post is being sponsored by NMNI, it’s not – I’m just a ‘super fan’ of the museum and would genuinely love as many people as possible to see this extra special exhibit!

I certainly plan to be back again before it blasts off….. maybe I will see you there!

Lynn x


2 thoughts on “Out of this world fabric!

  1. Hi Lynn my family and I were planning to go along to Folk Park to see Tim Peaked exhibition but ended up at Mount Stewart on Easter Monday, we will take a visit before 12th of May Thank you for feedback Heather


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